Chalk Mountain's King Arctic

Registered Name: Tomcatbengal Arctic

Our fabulous clouded silver bengal


Arctic was hand picked and imported from Hungary. We have family in Hungary who were able to visit with a well known breeder and help us choose Arctic. Not only does Arctic have an incredibly unique pattern, he also has a sweet and social personality. We are raising family friendly bengals at our farm. No matter how beautiful a bengal's coat is - if they don't have a beautiful personality to match they aren't going to be a part of our breeding program. Arctic is a big intimidating guy until you get to know him. Once you get to know him you'll see how sweet and patient he really is. Artic is an average toy chaser, he would much rather go exploring than play with a toy. But there are a few toys he would make time for.


Arctic is up to date on his yearly hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) screening and has always stayed certified clear of any heart conditions. Our screenings are done by a licensed Cat Cardiologist. His most recent HCM echo was done on June 2023. If you would like proof of his HCM scan please let us know. We go the extra mile and HCM scan our bengal cats to make sure we're breeding the best possible bengal kittens we can. Most bengal breeders don't do the testing because it's expensive, check out our info on bengal breeder health testing.
Arctic has had DNA testing to rule out possible genetic disorders. Although he has had his genetic testing done with a reputable service (UC Davis) Arctic hasn't had the official USA Wisdom panel, we are currently waiting on those results and we will update the web site as soon as we get them.

DNA Traits

Arctic has one copy of the A/Pb (Agouti gene). He can produce charcoal kittens if he is paired with a female who has the same Agouti gene. Arctic is also a carrier of the Siamese colorpoint restriction. Arctic himself is a beautiful silver bengal with big clouded rosettes and a soft minky coat.

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