Cows on the Farm

Chalk Mountain Family Farm

Dairy Showing

2023 Junior Livestock Heifer Show

  • Hard Work Pays Off

    Big sister took part in several shows, she enjoyed the whole process even though it took a lot of hard work and practice to get her heifers ready for show day. There were many late evenings halter training heifers, cleaning and washing them, along with feeding and caring for the animals. Her class 7 heifer made 5th place and both made the sale at their first show. At the second show her heifers both awarded 2nd place in their classes.

  • Our Dairy Farm

    We currently do not sell our adult cows, although we are willing to re home our newborn calves for a small fee (to the right home). We milk our cows and the milk is transported to the metroplex where it is bottled and sold at grocery stores under labels like "Oak Farms - Dairy Pure". We also make things like yogurt, butter, and cheese from our milk for our own family on our little homestead. Check our our projects on our homestead projects page.